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Stainless Steel Pressure Gauge

3D Instruments’ stainless steel pressure gauges are specially designed to meet the requirements of demanding pressure monitoring applications. Built to resist the effects of potentially challenging ambient environmentsand corrosive process media, 3D’s Accu-Drive stainless steel gauges incorporate our signature Direct Drive helical Inconel bourdon tube system.

Direct Drive Technology: Better Accuracy & Longer Working Life

Our Direct Drive design couples the bourdon tube directly to the shaft-pointer, streamlining design and reducing the number of moving parts from 13 to just one. That single working part—a helically-wound Bourdon tube—is manufactured from flexible Inconel® X-750 for superior accuracy and coil-shape retention.

Over thirty years of use in industrial applications has proven that our Direct Drive technology is vastly superior to the “traditional” C-bourdon tube and movement systems used in other pressure gauges, especially where vibration and pulsation are common.

Liquid-Filled Gauges vs. Accu-Drive Stainless Steel Gauges

Many C-tube pressure gauges used in severe service applications are filled with silicone to dampen needle movement and lubricate metal components for extended service life. In addition to raising the price of these pressure gauges, case-fill liquids can cause other problems, including dial discoloration and a potential shift of calibration.

In most instances, an Accu-Drive stainless steel gauge can directly replace a traditional liquid-filled gauge without causing the maintenance headaches mentioned above. Compared to liquid-filled gauges, Accu-Drive stainless steel gauges can last up to ten times longer in applications with extreme pulsation and vibration. And, because they lack gears or wear points, our stainless steel gauges maintain their rated accuracy over the entire life of the gauge without the need for costly periodic recalibration. The net effect is a dramatic decrease in your cost of ownership.

Our Gauges are Made with Quality Materials

All of 3D Instruments’ stainless steel gauges are manufactured from the finest materials. Gauge cases are constructed from thick wall 300 series stainless steel, and wetted parts are made from 316 stainless.

The helically-wound bourdon tube is constructed from Inconel® X750, a highly elastic material with exceptional corrosion resistance. Inconel’s flexibility enables the helical Bourdon tube to expand to several times the rated pressure without memory loss for long-life and exceptional accuracy.

The robust bourdon tube system offers outstanding overpressure protection to 150% of full scale on pressure ranges up to 20,000 PSI, with an assortment of metric scales available.

The Perfect Pressure Gauge for Your Application

With a lower cost of ownership, longer service life, a robust design platform, and maintenance-free Direct Drive technology, our Accu-Drive stainless steel pressure gauges are the perfect choice for your demanding pressure monitoring or test/calibration applications.

Request a quote on stainless steel gauges, or contact 3D Instruments to learn more.


  • Corrosion resistant
  • Water resistant
  • Rugged construction: electropolished stainless steel case, acrylic crystal with positive seal
  • Premium materials: Inconel X-750 helical bourdon tube sensor, sapphire bearings, stainless steel connecting capillary, stainless steel fittings
  • Full product ranges/all pressure ranges: process (2250) and test (2554 & 2555) accuracy
  • Manufactured to ASME B-40.1 standards
  • 6-year warranty

Common Applications

  • Chemical plants and other corrosive environments
  • Offshore locations and other harsh weather environments
  • Ambient and media conditions occurring near boilers, furnaces, ovens, and steam
  • Conditions often found in steel, glass, power, and petrochemical plants
  • Clean-critical applications in food, beverage, and pharmaceutical processing
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Accu-Drive Stainless Steel Gauges DataSheet
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25504-33B55  4 1/2" S.S. Case
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25504-35B55  4 1/2" S.S. Case
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No Mounting Flange 

25504-38B55  4 1/2" S.S. Case
1/4" NPT Male Bottom Mount
No Mounting Flange 

25504-41B55  4 1/2" S.S. Case
1/4" NPT Male Bottom Mount
No Mounting Flange 

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