Pressure Volume Controller/Hand Pumps

Pressure Volume Controller

The 3D variable volume pressure controller is available for calibration applications of 0-1,000 psi in absolute or gauge pressure. The V-1R functions as highly sensitive vernier controller with outstanding adjustment sensitivity of .0005 psi. Utilizing the principle of expansion or compression of gas by the displacement of a piston, it can generate up to 50 psi in a static system without requiring an outside pressure source. The pressure volume controller consist of a volume chamber and an internal piston assembly. Piston movement within the chamber increases or decreases the volume of the system depending on the direction of the piston movement. In a closed system, where trapped gas has no leak path, any volume change will result directly in a change of pressure. The pressure change generated by a given amount of piston travel is proportional to the change in volume as compared to the total system volume. The V-1R can also be used without a compressed air source for the generation of positive pressure below 50 psi as well as vacuum. The high resolution of this unit, combined with the ability to generate pressure, makes it the ideal choice for both low pressure calibration and test applications.

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4149-0013  Table Mounting Bracket for V-1R 

V-1R  Pressure Volume Controller
0-1000 PSI 


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