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Retro Reflective Dial Faces

Retro Reflective Dial Faces

3D Instruments dial options: Easy to see in low-light conditions

On a well-lit manufacturing floor, reading process gauges isn't hard. But not all environments are so bright. At 3D instruments, we understand how important it is for gauges to be readable in all conditions – even low-light ones. The InSight™ retro-reflective series 34 dial face has fluorescent colors that make gauges easy to read in darkness. In daylight, the fluorescent face absorbs UV light, making it even more visible. The InSight™ series 34 dial face truly offers the best of both worlds.

InSight™ retro-reflective series 34 dial faces are available in two styles: InSight™ and InSight Glow™.


InSight reflective series 34 dial faces are available in white, yellow and orange.

InSight Reflective Series 34 Dial Faces

InSight Glow™

InSight Glow™ series 34 dial faces are available in Reflective Pattern or Non-Reflective Super Glow.

Add an InSight™ or InSight Glow™ series 34 dial face to any 3D Instruments process gauge.

When Lives are On the Line: 3D Instruments Offers Gauges You Can Rely On

From firefighters to oil and gas workers, process instruments from 3D Instruments help protect the lives of people in a range of industries. By opting for the retro-reflective series 34 dial face, you offer your employees even greater protection by ensuring that they can correctly read process gauges even in conditions that are dark, cloudy or smoky.

Because our gauges perform such an important function, we offer warranties on every part we manufacture. We also offer repair services with a fast turnaround time: submit a Returned Merchandise Authorization, and we'll respond within 1 business day.

Which InSight™ Color Suits You Best?

Not sure which option is best for you? Give 3D Instruments a call. Based on your industry and application, we can help you determine which option will offer you the greatest benefit.

Contact 3D Instruments

For more information about InSight™ and InSight Glow™, contact 3D Instruments at 714-399-9200 or request a quote.

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