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Direct Drive

Direct Drive

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Learn how our direct drive technology can work for your mission-critical applications


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Hear what a firefighter wants from his SCBA equipment

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Learn what makes the 3D Instruments Direct Drive Gauge work.

If you design SCBA equipment that allows a firefighter to take a breath in a raging inferno... or craft a landing gear system on a jet…or maintain a pump with severe vibration... then you know what it’s like to develop equipment for the most dangerous and demanding scenarios. 

Your users put their lives in your hands, so your equipment must succeed in the most extreme situations. That’s why we developed a unique Bourdon tube technology called “direct drive” for your mission-critical applications.

Our direct drive pressure gauge has only one working part—a helically-wound Bourdon tube made of Inconel® X-750, a flexible material that prevents the coil from losing its shape and ensures accuracy. With no additional mechanical components vulnerable to wear, a direct drive gauge lasts longer than C-shape Bourdon tube gauges, reducing down time and total cost of ownership.

What Direct Drive Technology Means For You


Because they use a single sensing element, direct drive gauges retain accuracy even at 150% over-pressure. The elastic helical Bourdon tube absorbs the over pressure and automatically returns to its original, accurate setting.


Direct drive technology prevents early failure by incorporating a standard burst pressure of up to five times full scale—500% greater than the dial range. For example, a 5,000 psi direct drive gauge has a burst pressure of 25,000 psi, and occasional pressure spikes will not adversely affect the gauge.


Direct drive gauges work with a single moving part to maximize lifespan and accuracy. The dial connects directly to the helically wound Bourdon tube, eliminating the need for additional components. There are no springs, gears, sectors, or linkages that wear out, require recalibration, or cause loss of accuracy.


We can wind helical Bourdon tubes for a multitude of pressure ranges from full vacuum (30” Hg) to extremely high-pressure (10,000 psi).


Inconel X750 is the ideal material for direct drive gauge coils, providing excellent chemical resistance and high elasticity. This elasticity allows the helical Bourdon tube to expand—up to several times the rated pressure—without losing its memory. This translates to long-life accuracy over wide pressure ranges and high cycle counts.


Direct drive gauges do not need to be replaced nearly as often as other gauges and require less recalibration, reducing purchasing and maintenance expenses and overall total cost of ownership.


We offer a six-year warranty on our direct drive gauges, one of the longest terms available, to bring you peace of mind. If one of our gauges is deemed defective, then we will repair or replace it without charge.

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