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Custom Pressure Gauges

Custom Gauges

3D Instruments has more than 30 years of experience in creating custom pressure gauges for customers in all industries and applications. All of our custom pressure gauges start with our Direct Drive technology, which extends the life of the gauge even when it is subjected to intense vibrations or pulsations. With only one working part—a helically-wound bourdon tube manufactured from Inconel® X750—and no additional mechanical components vulnerable to wear, Direct Drive custom pressure gauges last longer than other gauges, reducing down time and total cost of ownership.

Direct Drive Gauges: Tough Under Pressure

The U.S. Military has used Direct Drive pressure gauges in tanks, aircraft, and submarines since the 1960s. Extremely resistant to shock, vibration, and pulsation, our Direct Drive gauges have proven themselves in numerous mission-critical applications, such as jet fighter struts, tank gun turrets, and submarine ballast tanks. During military testing, Direct Drive gauges placed within the hulls of battleships have even survived direct missile strikes.

3D Instruments brings the same battle-proven performance to your mission-critical applications.

New Product Development Process for Custom Pressure Gauges

We focus on the specifications of your application to develop a solution that meets your specifications at a competitive price—a Custom Engineered Solution. We will work with your design team to engineer cost-effective custom pressure gauges for all your pressure monitoring or read-out needs. Custom gauges can include a variety of pressure sensing technologies, both electronic and mechanical.

If your current OEM supplier is too far away, non-responsive to customer requirements, or incapable of high-tech collaborative solutions, turn to 3D Instruments. Contact us today to get started on your custom pressure gauges, or download our OEM brochure.

Download the OEM Brochure here

Our Custom Gauge Capabilities

  • Manufactured to match customer specification
  • Prototypes and First Articles standard
  • Quality assurance and documentation

Options for Custom Pressure Gauges

  • Private brand/label artwork available
  • Standard and custom options for thread, case, and design configurations
  • Special packaging available
  • Vacuum and Compound — 30” Hg/30” to 30 PSI to 300 PSI
  • Pressure ranges from 30 PSI to 20,000 PSI

Applications for Custom Pressure Gauges

  • Ammonia service
  • Aviation, including mil-specs
  • Life support systems
  • Navy shipboard
  • Oxygen service
  • Rebreathers

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