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Custom Hose Assemblies

Custom Hose Assemblies

Modern technology and materials have allowed the industry to effectively double the old storage air standard of 2,216 psi, creating lightweight containers capable of 5,000 psi. At these higher pressures, truly flexible connections were limited by conventional hose technology.

Flexibilty at High Pressure

3D Instruments filled this void with the development of the co-axial metal hose in 1976. This unique design makes it possible to have a hose with a burst point well above 15,000 psi, while remaining flexible to a 1-1/2" bend radius. This hose is ideal for test panels in cramped quarters that must monitor high-pressure air or gas systems. Only Sierra Precision can design and manufacture metal hoses that meet this standard.

We use chrome-plated, solid brass fittings, fastened with flawless brazing or high-pressure crimping but are not limited to these materials. Each hose is tested to ensure it will withstand forces well beyond anything likely to be encountered in even extraordinary uses. We can also make these fittings in stainless steel for special application. As with our gauges, Sierra Precision can design and calibrate hoses to fit the need or application. 3D Instruments hoses are routinely used for breathable air or oxygen, as well as a full range of inert and corrosive gases.

Rubber Hoses

3D Instruments also designs rubber hoses for both low-pressure and high-pressure uses. Our unique design and manufacturing procedures mean you can choose from numerous options, including black rubber and thermoplastic, and the hardware and fittings which will accommodate virtually any use.


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