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Series 25 Pressure Gauge

The Series 25 Accu-Drive pressure gauges incorporate the 3D Instruments signature "direct drive difference" Inconel helical bourdon tube system. The "direct drive technology" concept couples the bourdon tube directly to the shaft-pointer, thereby streamlining the design and reducing the number of moving parts from approximately twelve down to one!! Thirty years of industrial application have proven that this design is vastly superior to the C-bourdon tube/movement system incorporated in the traditional pressure gauges...especially for vibration and pulsation!!

In many severe service applications, the C-bourdon containing pressure gauges are filled with silicone to both dampen needle movement as well as lubricate their metal movements to extend service life. Besides adding additional cost to the price of the pressure gauge, the case fill liquid causes other operational difficulties...dial discoloration and potential shift of calibration just to mention two of them. The Series 25 "direct drive difference" approach applies silicone dampener directly to the bourdon tube. This "coil dampening" approach isolates the pointer from vibration and pulsation, thereby eliminating the requirement for liquid filling of the gauge case. In most instances, a standard 3D Accu-Drive pressure gauge can directly replace an "old fashioned" liquid filled gauge without creating the maintenance headaches cited above. When compared to a liquid filled gauge, the Accu-Drive gauges have been shown to last as much as ten times longer in applications with extreme pulsation and vibration. The net effect of these benefits, coupled with a 6 year product warranty, is a dramatic lowering of your cost of ownership!! Additionally, because of a lack of gears and wear points, the Accu-Drive series of gauges maintain their rated accuracy over the entire life of the gauge without the need for costly periodic recalibration.

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Series-25 4.5" Test Gauges
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The Series 25 Accu-Drive pressure gauges utilize the finest materials of construction. Gauge case materials can be either ABS or 300 Series Stainless Steel. The bourdon tube is constructed of Inconel, a highly elastic material with excellent corrosion resistance. All other "wetted parts" are 316 Stainless Steel. The balance of the gauge hardware is designed to minimize corrosion associated with challenging field environments. The extremely robust bourdon tube system offers outstanding overpressure protection to 150% of full scale on pressure ranges from vacuum to 20,000 psi. Various case styles are available with measurement accuracies ranging from a 0.5% "Process" gauge version to a 0.25% full scale "Test" gauge version. Dial sizes of 2.5", 4.5", 6", 8.5" and 12" are available depending on gauge type.

The combination of lower cost of ownership, long service life, maintenance-free "direct drive" technology, robust design platform and a wide array of pressure ranges makes the Series 25 Accu-Drive "direct drive difference" pressure gauges from 3D Instruments the ideal choice for your demanding pressure monitoring or test and calibration applications.

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