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Company Information

3D Instruments offers Digital Pressure Gauge & Pressure Transmitters

The story of 3D Instruments begins with the design and development of a unique bourdon tube technology that was initially developed for the rigorous demands of the aerospace industry. This revolutionary gauge utilized a helically wound bourdon tube manufactured from Inconel® X750, a nickel-chromium alloy that’s well-known for its exceptional spring characteristics, as well as its excellent corrosion resistance in a wide variety of applications.

The helically-wound coil at the heart of the gauge provided outstanding resistance to shock and vibration, allowing continuous, accurate, and uninterrupted operation, where the more common “C-shaped” bourdon tube design would have long since failed.

The direct drive gauge design gained early fame within the aerospace industry, but it soon found greater success within a wide range of industries that required a robust gauge that could withstand even the most severe applications.

3D Instruments, named for the Direct Drive Difference of its gauges, was established in 1973. In 2002, 3D Instruments acquired the advanced-concept pressure gauge manufacturer, Sierra Precision. Manufacturing and operations moved to our present location in Anaheim, California in 2004.

In 2010, 3D joined WIKA, the leading global pressure and temperature measurement instrumentation manufacturer. WIKA provided 3D with the tools, methods, and processes to tackle the dynamic and exacting requirements of the modern marketplace.

Today, 3D Instruments builds upon its core strength of manufacturing rugged, reliable pressure gauges by offering custom engineered pressure and temperature measurement solutions for virtually any application.  

Give us your worst, and we’ll give you our best. 

ISO Certified

3D Instruments is an ISO 9001:2008 certified pressure gauge manufacturer. Our QA systems have been audited and reviewed by the UL-registered firm IAF

View 3D Instruments' ISO 9001:2008 certificate. 

State of California's Transparency in Supply Chains Act:

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