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Company Information

3D Instruments offers Digital Pressure Gauge & Pressure Transmitters

Before we became an industry-leading pressure gauge manufacturer, 3D Instruments LP began with a unique bourdon tube technology developed for the demanding needs of the aerospace industry. Developed by an engineer working within an aerospace hydraulics company, this pressure gauge was designed specifically to overcome the weaknesses inherent in older “C” bourdon tube gauges that are still commonly used today.

This new technology utilized a helically wound bourdon tube manufactured from an advanced material known as Inconel® X750. Inconel offers numerous advantages, including good corrosion resistance in a wide variety of pressure mediums and excellent spring characteristics. All other materials included in our pressure gauges are stainless steel or better.

The new gauges proved such a success that, within a short time, the aerospace company was specifying that they be used in all high-stress applications. Word of this continuing success soon spread to other companies within the industry, and they began to inquire about purchasing similar gauges.

After extensive product development, the first generation of gauges was introduced to the general market as “Roylyn” gauges, named with a contraction of the name of the original developer of the technology. Of such quality were these gauges that many with this name on the dial are still in service today, and they continue to outlast rival products in severe applications.

The first generation of what would become 3D Instruments gauges were all test gauges at 0.25% of accuracy full scale. These gauges were typically applied in situations where this level of accuracy was necessary. However, a wider audience once again became aware of the strength of the Direct Drive gauge and further inquiries were received about gauges for wider application. Within a few years, these pressure gauges were successful enough to be used as the basis of a new company devoted entirely to the manufacture and sale of this Direct Drive technology.

This new company was named “3D Instruments,” playing on the theme Direct Drive Difference. In 2002, 3D Instruments acquired the assets of another advanced-concept pressure gauge manufacturer, Sierra Precision in Rancho Cucamonga and in 2004 the two companies’ operations were combined at a newly-built facility in Anaheim, California.

In 2010, 3D became part of the worldwide instrumentation provider WIKA, a German-based temperature, flow, level, and pressure gauge manufacturer. WIKA and its 70+ year history brought a tremendous amount of new technology, processes, and culture to 3D Instruments. Since then, 3D has instituted a Lean Manufacturing program.

The WIKA of the Americas team is headed by Managing Director Dave Wannamaker. Wannamakers’s vision for WIKA of the Americas is to be part of your business. He believes we can do this if we simplify the process of doing business, offer a broad product base, and create quality products. He believes in listening to customers and identifying with their needs and wants. The 3D Instruments team in Anaheim is lead by President Felix Brockmeyer, who is responsible for 3D through direction and delegation of activities such as administration, sales, operations, and continuous improvement.

Today, 3D Instruments LP continues the tradition begun with the first generation of our pressure gauges—providing rugged, reliable pressure and temperature measurement instrumentation that can be used in virtually every industry around the world. With new strengths, we can engineer quality OEM applications and provide standard gauges that deliver the Direct Drive Difference.

ISO Certified

3D Instruments is an ISO 9001:2008 certified pressure gauge manufacturer. Our QA systems have been audited and reviewed by the UL-registered firm IAF

View 3D Instruments' ISO 9001:2008 certificate. 

AS9100 certified  - see details here

3D Instruments, LP is a leading supplier of direct drive gauges to the Self Contained Breathing Apparatus (SCBA) industry, Process Industry, and now 3D will add the aerospace industry as a major focus to that list as well. With their newly achieved AS9100 certification, 3D Instruments has moved into a higher level of manufacturers and suppliers to the space, aviation and defense markets.

View 3D Instruments' AS9100 Rev C Certificate


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